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Numéro de téléphone / Phone Number  : 438 -823-2471

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Club Raft is a Montreal based Rafting Outfitter. Club Raft est une entreprise montréalaise spécialisez dans le Rafting.


Rafting Equipment Rental in Montreal | Club Rafting

a full day of adventure and exciting experience needs the safety to be a perfect experience, at club raft, you can rent rafting equipment like Wetsuit, Neoprene booties and SUP.

Rafting equipment Rental

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Includes: 3mm Neoprene Overalls

4hr Rental :  $11*

24hr Rental: $14*

48hr Rental: $26*

Security Deposit: $50  



*plus tax

Neoprene Booties

4hr Rental: $7*

24hr Rental: $12*




Includes: Board, paddle, life jacket and board leash.

1hr Rental: $15*

2hr Rental: $25*

3hr Rental: $35*

24hr Rental: $49*

10 Rentals Card/1hr: $95*

Security Deposit: $200



Rental Policy:

  • The security deposit can be paid in cash or by credit card.

  • A piece of identification with photo is obligatory.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any rental for security reasons.

  • An SUP course is strongly recommended for an SUP rental!

  • Repair fees may be charged for any equipment damages.

  • Contact (438) 830-0875 or to rent wetsuits or boots.