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Club Raft is a Montreal based Rafting Outfitter. Club Raft est une entreprise montréalaise spécialisez dans le Rafting.



Check out our latest blog posts to learn more tips, tricks, and advice about the world of whitewater rafting or canoeing. 

The Bad Weather Reference Guide for Adventure Rafters

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Bad weather can turn outdoor activities into a real drag. That’s the risk we all take when we plan an adventure. This summer, Quebec is experiencing extreme temperatures, nasty rainstorms, and even floods. It’s hard to predict when a sunny day will turn into a dark and moody thunderstorm, which is why it can be so hard to schedule outdoor activities; but take comfort in the fact that in the last two years, there has only been one evacuation and one cancellation. We are also in constant contact with the Canadian Coast Guard, so we monitor both the direct local forecast and the marine environment weather forecast. 

If you’re planning a Montreal rafting trip this summer, here’s what you can expect from Club Raft in a case of bad weather:

Rainfall—No Cancellations
Guess what? Even if there isn’t a cloud in the sky, you’re going to get wet. So if you’re expecting to step off the raft feeling dry, you might want to ask yourself if you really know what you’re getting into. Unlike jogging, biking, and hiking, whitewater rafting in Verdun and elsewhere is one of the few outdoor activities that isn’t affected by rain. If the forecast looks a little bleak before your rafting adventure, make sure to dress appropriately. Wearing a baseball hat underneath your helmet will help divert water from your eyes. Wearing a bathing suit under your clothes is always recommended. 

High Winds
Adventure rafting in Montreal and its outskirts is a thrilling experience. When you’re out on the water, the wind is naturally stronger. High winds make rafting in Lasalle and the rest of Montreal fun and challenging. But if the wind becomes too strong, it can create dangerous conditions that might be unsafe for rafters. We want you to have fun, but not that kind of fun. Club Raft will monitor the winds and decide if it’s too risky to head out onto the water. Only winds in excess of 30 km/h will result in a trip cancellation. Safety is our main priority. Please review our bad weather policy if your rafting adventure has been postponed or cancelled.

Thunder and Lightning
Montreal is known for humid summers that give way to frequent thunderstorms. While we might enjoy watching a lightning show from the comfort and safety of our homes, getting a front-row seat on the water is not ideal. We monitor the forecast closely leading up to your departure time. If we feel that it is safe to go on the water, we will proceed. In the unlikely event that you are on the raft when a lightning storm starts, your guide will promptly direct you to the nearest bank until it is safe to return to the water. If hail is forecasted or there is a severe weather warning, the trip will be delayed by 30 minutes, or until that storm passes.

In Good Weather
Even bright and sunny days can present some health and safety concerns for all adventure rafters. While on the water, the sun can burn your skin in a matter of minutes. Taking precautions to protect yourself in all weather conditions is a sign of a responsible rafter. Be sure to wear plenty of waterproof broad-spectrum sunscreen and SPF sunglasses that won’t fly off your head at the first wave.

Don’t Let Bad Weather Stop You
The issue with weather forecasts is that the measurements are often taken at the airport or inland, so the forecasts are often “falsified” when they are interpreted for marine environments. So far this year, heavy rains have been the main bad weather culprit, but don’t let a little precipitation get in your way of your summer rafting adventure. All rafting companies in Montreal have different bad weather policies. Our policy prioritizes safety and fairness. 

If you have any questions at all about our weather policies, please contact Club Raft. 

Rafting as a Team-Building Activity

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Did you know that whitewater rafting is an excellent corporate team-building activity? Get to know your coworkers, earn each other’s trust, and build communication in real-life situations that you can apply to your desk job. Adventure rafting builds team spirit and gives employees the chance to get to know one another, and have fun in the process. For your next corporate outing, ditch the barbecue and picnic and bring your employees to Club Raft where the fun—and the team building—never stops.

Here are some reasons that whitewater rafting is an enjoyable learning experience for your corporate team: 

Work on Communication
When you’re out there on the choppy waters of the St. Lawrence, there’s little time for arguing, bossing people around, or struggling for power. The only way to get ahead is to work together, and the only way to work together is to develop your team’s communication skills. It’s necessary for every member to understand their role and what’s required of them to stay afloat and move safely in a single direction. 

Use Each Other’s Strengths to Get Ahead
In every team, there are strengths as well as weaknesses. The difference between a good team and a bad team is how these strengths and weaknesses are managed. You may not get very far in your objectives if you give someone a task they aren’t very good at; however, if you give that same person the responsibility of taking care of something they enjoy and excel at, you won’t have to worry about watching over them and you’ll achieve your goals faster and with better results. Adventure rafting employs the same concepts. Learning how to organize your team so that everyone is using their strengths to contribute to the objective will result in smooth sailing—or, rather, rafting! 

Earn Each Other’s Trust
Whitewater rafting is no picnic. Adventure rafting, or any water sport, is a team-building activity that comes with an inherent level of risk. Although you and your teammates will be equipped with helmets and lifejackets, the hard and fast waves will make it difficult to advance, unless you all work together to achieve your goals. You won’t have time to worry about what other people are doing. All you can do is trust that they are doing their part to paddle against the waves. You can try different scenarios or activities on the water to build each other’s trust, such as giving each other specific challenges on the raft. 

Get to Know Each Other
Nothing strengthens bonds like sharing an intense experience. You might know your coworkers on a professional level, but after your whitewater rafting session with Club Raft, you’ll get to know and respect your coworkers in a whole new way. We guarantee you’ll leave your Club Raft trip with a newfound respect and admiration for the people you work with. 

This summer, book a Club Raft whitewater rafting adventure for your next corporate outing. 

Learn to Raft on the Historic Lachine Canal Rapids

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The Lachine Canal is known for its beautiful bike paths, luscious scenery, and kilometres of unobstructed tranquility. It is an urban oasis that is easily accessible from downtown and is the site of endless summer parties, festivals, and events. But did you know that it also offers an incredible opportunity to discover whitewater rafting? If you’re new to adventure rafting, the Lachine Rapids are the perfect location to get your feet wet. 

A Part of Montreal History
The Lachine Canal is a waterway of great historic and cultural significance. Construction on the canal started almost 200 years ago to create a better trading route into the city from the St. Lawrence river that would detour the treacherous white waves of the Lachine Rapids. The canal was the city’s main industrial hub as it allowed merchant ships in and out of port. While the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway made the Lachine Canal’s trading purpose obsolete, it slowly shifted into what is now a landmark of great natural beauty that attracts tourists and locals alike. Bike, walk, skateboard, and boat along the romantic Lachine Canal all summer long.

At 14.5 km long, the canal runs from the Old Port in Montreal’s historic district across the south end of the city through Sud-Ouest, Lachine, and Lasalle to Lac Saint-Louis. The traditional industrial architecture and infrastructure of these neighbourhoods illustrates the impact the canal had on the city’s landscape. Although the industrial days of these neighbourhoods have largely—though not entirely—moved elsewhere, there is no doubting the old-factory aesthetic of the canal.

An Adventure Rafting Paradise
Located just 12 minutes from downtown Montreal, the Lachine Rapids are the perfect gateway activity and initiation for anyone interested in learning how to raft in a safe and fun environment. Club Raft offers half-day rafting adventures on the Lachine Rapids that are ideal for beginner to intermediate skill levels. Chase white waves with friends or fellow thrill-seekers and we promise you’ll experience an adrenaline rush like no other. With the gorgeous cityscape in sight, get your adrenaline pumping in the heart of Montreal’s historic landmark.
What to Expect on Your Lachine Rapids Rafting Adventure

Book your rafting adventure online and show up on time. We’ll take care of the rest. The safety of all rafters is Club Raft’s primary concern. We’ll equip you with a helmet and a life vest and even a small snack. Trust us, you’ll be burning a lot of calories. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a bathing suit because you’re going to get wet! Your Club Raft guide will ensure your safety as you brave the white waves of Lachine’s treacherous waters. 

Why Rafting is the Perfect Corporate Team Building Exercise

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Spring is finally here, which means that there’s probably room in your company budget for some out-of-office activities that are fun, productive and show your employee appreciation. If you’re tired of the usual company picnic, why not organize a whitewater rafting adventure for the whole team? Build trust and teamwork amongst your employees and departments while immersing yourself in all the beauty and splendour Quebec has to offer. Here are three simple reasons to take your employees on a whitewater rafting trip.

Progress Through Teamwork

It’s no secret that whitewater rafting demands that everyone work together. It may not be as comfortable or as laid back as a company picnic or dinner outing, but then again, your employees would probably jump at the idea of getting out of their chairs and spending the day outside. The beauty of whitewater rafting is that the only way to achieve a specific goal, i.e. reach a destination, is to work together by communicating effectively and doing one’s fair share of the work. Whitewater rafting builds people’s confidence and allows you to appreciate each other’s strengths. 

Connecting in Nature

At the heart of Club Raft’s philosophy is an inherent love of nature and all that beautiful Quebec has to offer. So often are we confined to the city or suburbs that we rarely find moments to take in the breathtaking scenery of this wonderfully lush and ecologically diverse province. Taking your team out of their normal environment and into the middle of nature draws them closer together and allows them to share in a unique experience that will forever connect them. 

More Fun than a Picnic

At the end of the day, whitewater rafting is an exhilarating experience that gets the adrenaline pumping. Although every team member is fully equipped with helmet and life jacket and led by an experienced guide, the thrill of the waves and the spray of water will excite their senses and get their blood flowing. All that excitement is b
ound to make them hungry! Club Raft’s full day trips come with a delicious riverside lunch.

So if you want to show your team how much you appreciate the work they’ve done for the company while providing an experience that improves team building and communication, a whitewater rafting adventure may just be your perfect solution. Contact Club Raft today to sign up for a half day, full day, or multi-day rafting adventure or customize your own expedition here.