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Club Raft is a Montreal based Rafting Outfitter. Club Raft est une entreprise montréalaise spécialisez dans le Rafting.


Koroc River Expedition

From the foot of Mount d'Iberville to Ungava Bay, This 14 days trip, brings you the best adventure experience in the Nord-du-Québec area, with guides, full equipment.

Journey Through Koroc

Situated within the Torngat Mountains, the Koroc River is one of the best places for adventure in the Nord-du-Québec area.  This 14-day voyage will take you all the way from the foot of Mount d'Iberville to Ungava Bay.    

 Photo: Éric Leclair

Photo: Éric Leclair

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Summary :

The trip requires a minimum of 5 participants and a 50% deposit for each person when reserving.  A complete refund will be issued if Club Raft must cancel the trip due to a lack of participants.  Complete payment must be received 5 days before the expedition. 

Includes: all displacements between Kuujjuaq and the Koroc River, breakfast, lunch and dinner every day with a beverage, a wetsuit, dry bags or barrels to transport personal belongings, a raft with equipment, a tent, a sleeping bag and a floor mat. 

Staff to Client Ratio: 2 guides for every 8 clients  

For more information, contact us by email: or by telephone: 438-830-0875.  


 Photo: Éric Leclair

Photo: Éric Leclair

The Itinerary

Day 1: Departure from Kuujjuaq to Koroc 

Days 2-3-4: Hiking in Mount d'Iberville 

Days 5-12: Rafting in Koroc River

Day 13: Additional Day 

Day 14: Departure to Kangiqsualujjuaq and return to Kuujjuaq 

* The itinerary may change depending on the weather.




 Photo: Éric Leclair

Photo: Éric Leclair

Situated deep in the valley of the Torngat Mountains, the Koroc River runs 160 km down towards Ungava Bay.  Along with Mount D’Iberville, the Koroc River is the main attraction in this region.  The downstream sector of the river is bursting with greenery within a secluded arctic area.  This part of the valley is a unique boreal enclave in which black spruce, larch and smaller birch trees grow in abundance.  The park project covers a total of 4,274 km2, which consists of 98% of the Koroc River watershed and five other secondary watersheds. 

The Torngat Mountains form the eastern side of the Kuururjuaq National Park Project.  This mountain chain is the highest in Eastern Canada.  Elevated at 1,646 m, Mount D’Iberville dominates the territory of the park and the mountain chain.  The Kuururjuaq National Park Project has distinct ecosystems and sectors representing the three natural regions, such as the foothills of the Torngat Mountains, the Koroc Valley and the coast of Ungava Bay.